Welcome to the online home of The Tiki Lab. This company is created by, run by, owned by and supported by an I.T. veteran of over 20 years. I also happen to be blind due to rod cone dystrophy.
Due to my extensive experience in all things technology and my own visual impairment I have spent most of my adult life overcoming my disability. The purpose of The Tiki Lab is to share my own experience with different technologies and hopefully help to bridge the digital divide for the blind and visually impaired.
This is really the greatest time in history for those of us with vision problems of all kinds. Not only are there a multitude of clinical trials going on worldwide to combat different causes of vision loss, but the available technology keeps growing and expanding. Screen readers for smart phones, tablets and PC’s can cost absolutely nothing but deliver a top notch solution. Audio described video allows those of us who cannot see enjoy the same television shows and movies as our sighted loved ones.
The Tiki Lab is dedicated to improving mobility options, communications features and expanding the digital footprint of folks who previously had to spend a fortune and jump through hoop after hoop. If you or someone you care for has any questions at all please use the contact form to ask.