Comcast Issues June 26, 2018

Well the phones at my office quit working this morning and they have been off for over 4 hours now. This issue seems to be a nationwide one though, despite Comcast not making any statements yet it seems apparent that they have likely bitten off more than they can chew.
Comcast has done a great job with internet service, despite that also being affected in some areas. In addition I personally have their television service too. The phone service that they offer is not quite as dependable as the good old copper lines that come into our homes and businesses from the telephone companies. This is because their phone system is mainly internet based.
Comcast uses a form of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and today I believe they have had a serious DNS (Dynamic Name Server) issue. As a Comcast internet customer I have been able to circumvent their frequent DNS issues by using an alternate DNS server. There are public and private DNS options and many of them are much better than what Comcast offers. If you would like to change your DNS settings then you can do this on your PC or on your router. I prefer the router method because it delivers to alternative DNS information to everything on my network (trust me there are a lot of devices on my network). For more information on how to change the DNS server on your router go check out the website and you will be able to get router specific instructions.
Since Comcast uses their own DNS servers to route and manage phone calls as well as internet traffic today’s catastrophy is likely due to a DNS issue. This theory is further supported by my failed attempts to sign in to the Comcast Business Portal. Normally if the phones go down I can sign in and setup call forwarding, today was not as simple though. Every time I try to sign in it takes a few minutes then my browser throws a DNS error at me. Since I am not using Comcast DNS I can get to their page, if their own DNS on their server hosting their website is broken then this error would appear.
There is a bit of good news with all of this though. I found a Comcast Business page that goes over call forwarding options. Apparently there is an option to setup call forwarding in the event of a telephone outage, whether it would have worked today I cannot say. Here is a link to the page, check out your forwarding options and if you are a business voice customer like myself think about setting up the emergency forwarding option.

Setup Call Forwarding on Comcast Business

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